AZUMA Chakra pouch (Reversible)

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  • Design: Reversible. Katajime Design with aizome dyeing (benefits of aizome)
  • Size:35cm wide, 32cm length 
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Handmade in Holland
  • Worldwide delivery

Seven colours of AZUMA pouch represent Chakra colours

    • 1st Chakra (Red) -grounding, helps to find your dream job 
    • 2nd Chakra (Orange) -helps building good relationships with others 
    • 3rd Chakra (Yellow) -remembers your brilliance and talent 
    • 4th Chakra(Green) -stress release 
    • 5th Chakra(Blue) -helps self-expression 
    • 6th Chakra(Royal blue) -Train your intuition 
    • 7th Chakra(White) -Balance between right and left brain


    There are many benefits to use Chakra colours in your daily life. All the seven Chakras are connected to the various organs and glands in your body and help circulating energy.  Using Chakra colours may stimulate the points may be blocked or disturbed. 

If you are interested in Chakra, there is an option to take a chakra assessment to find out your current Chakra balance. Please click here for details.

Note: The item will be made as soon as you placed your order. It will take a week before shipping. Although they are produced in the same process, please note that the AIZOME dyeing and SHIBORI can be slightly different from the photos on the site because they are all hand-made.